Spring is here

  Can you believe that we are 5 days into Spring already? A time in the year where people start to think about small gatherings, dusting off the bbq and the sorts of small things they can do to make their meals tasty.

  The secret to any good steak is the resting time for the meat at the end, it gives time for the juices to form and stops it being tough. However, it does take a bit of practise to perfect this. Before we slap our meat on the bbq we can use a range of different rubs, seasonings and marinades. The length of time we let it sit prior to cooking can be a tricky one. For marinades I personally try a minimum of an hour. This allows the meat time to take up the flavour and the longer you can leave it sitting the better the flavour will be.

  For Rubs and seasonings you season right up until you want to cook and remember because the ingredients in your rubs are dried the flavour will be intense the more you use. The other thing to remember is to gently pat the rub or seasoning onto your meat instead of vigourously rubbing it in. Why you may ask? Put simply some pieces of meat have slight imperfections including little hollows, if you rub your seasoning in it is likely that these can be full with a large amount of your rub or seasoning and someone is going to get a mouthful of spice once they are cooked.

 One of my all time favourites is the Montreal steak rub which gives a fabulous peppery seasoning to your meat, but we do have other tasty seasonings to offer in our range.Texas and Tennesse Smokehouse are among our most popular rubs. Or you could simply use one of the salts like the garlic and onion. It doesn't need to be a lot to achieve a great flavour.

  Some of our customers like to use the Spicy Honey BBQ Sauce or the Sticky Rib Sauce as a marinade and I would say they are our most popular flavours, but we do have other more boutique style flavours which give a similar result and spice up your end dish.

  Whatever you decide, happy cooking.