Shop Small - Shop Local

So the question a lot of people ask is why should I shop with a small business as  opposed to a larger store. Firstly by shopping small you are often shopping local as well. The business is passionate about their product lines and have great in depth knowledge. They are also willing to spend that little bit extra time to help you with your purchase, in other words old fashioned customer service.

By supporting a small business you are supporting families in your community. Small businesses have had a tough time from the start of covid restrictions, where many like our own simply could not physically go out and trade through to interest rates rises, cost of living crisis and rising expenses. The majority of small businesses barely survived the lockdowns because their income dropped or was heavily reduced. If we want the choice of local grown and made we need to support these businesses.

Even if we are struggling financially we can still support a small business.              We can - Share a post, like a post, repost, tag a friend, comment a nice word, comment and emoji, post a pic, shout them out, spread the positive and not the negative.All of these cost a couple of minutes of our time. I for one choose to support small businesses because they are truely amazing.