Rainy Day

I must say it is nice to see some rain after the latest couple of extremely hot days. You can almost hear our gardens and fruit trees breathing a sigh of relief as the drizzle touches their leaves and seeps into the ground. Yes we do try to keep water up to them, but there is no substitute for rain falling from the sky.

Today is a day for inside tasks, for preparation and cooking without turning into a puddle in the process. This summer has been a summer of extreme temperatures, high humidity and some gnarly storms. It has been a few years since we have been in this cycle and it presents it's own challenges, not just for us.

As I sit here typing I am thinking about all the markets that have been cancelled today because of this wet weather. Of the stall holders who were counting on selling their products so they can pay their bills and buy some food to last them through the next week. Of the organisers who put in the time and effort and paid for the venue and now have had to cancel. Of the customers who come out and support the markets and stallholders because they love the products. In our current cost of living crisis how do they manage when they lose a part of their income?

I can see a few advertising garage sales on Marketplace, some others are having flash sales, some like myself hope customers purchase through our websites and try to make the postage work for them. Ahh postage, something for another time perhaps, yes it used to be more affordable.

Hopefully everyone is having a great Saturday despite the weather. Enjoy a nice cuppa and watching the grass grow.