Australian Made

As you have probably guessed by now our little company makes Australian food products and we stock a couple of other Australian Made food brands as well. This is because we love creating amazing tasting products with our own organically grown produce. As it's mid summer here we have tomatoes, figs, cucumbers and zuchini ripe at the moment. Chokos are coming on and the guava are still a dark green at the moment. The berries are in full swing as well. 

For my part I always think it tastes better if we grow it and pick the produce just before we are ready to use it in a product as opposed to having been sitting in a supermarket supply chain, but that's me. It also means our products are seasonal, just the way nature intended them to be.

So I hear why do we support other Australian food producers? The answer is pretty simple, we all make great products in our own right, but no one brand is an island. It helps us offer our customers a bit of variety and we are supporting another small company just like us. Most small producers struggled through the covid lockdowns and following years and unfortunately some didn't make it out the other side to rebuild. So I figure we are stronger as Australian producers if we support each other and stocking their products alongside ours is our way of doing that. Plus you have to admit they taste amazing.

A lot of people say that Australin Made is too expensive. I hear it a lot when we trade. I wish I could say there weren't cheaper products out there, but in all truth I can't. When you buy an Australian Made product you  are making a choice just like we do. You are choosing to support a quality locally made product. quite often you are buying it straight from the maker ( Isn't that great?). You can ask questions about where and how ingredients were grown, where products were sourced, whether they are organic, gluten free and so much more. Plus you are supporting a lot of family owned businesses who make great products. Not just food products like we do. 

Even if you are struggling you can still support Australian Made. You can like and share posts; you can review products online,  you can recommend to a friend. it costs just a little of your time.

 Thanks a lot for supporting Australian Made